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Our Investment Approach

Structured Leaders

We believe that over the next two decades investors will experience higher interest rates, higher tax rates and lower earnings growth rates than were experienced in the previous two decades. We designed our Structured Leaders strategy to capitalize on these trends and include the following characteristics:


Annual planning meetings keep us in tune with the tax needs of our clients. We routinely harvest gains and losses in the separately held equity portfolios, minimize short-term taxable capital distributions through investments in exchange traded funds and reduce taxable income with tax-free bonds.

Asset allocation is achieved through municipal bonds and exchange traded funds covering real estate, international markets, emerging markets, small cap stocks and commodities.

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Products and services are offered by West Coast Trust Company, Inc. an affiliate of West Coast Bank and a wholly owned subsidiary of West Coast Bancorp. The professionally managed investments of West Coast Trust Company are not a deposit; not FDIC insured; not insured by any government agency; not guaranteed by West Coast Bank; and are subject to investment risk, including the risks of a decline in value or potential loss of the entire investment.


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