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Online Banking Upgrade Center

We’ve upgraded your personal online banking experience to Columbia Connect, our new digital banking platform.

For the upgrade to Columbia Connect, we've seamlessly transitioned almost everything over for you. We've moved over all of your automatic transfer details, past statements, bill payments and transaction history. There are only two items we couldn't transfer. When logging in to Columbia Connect for the first time, you'll have to set a new password, and you'll need to set up your customized alerts. You'll also need to update to the latest Columbia Bank mobile banking app.

In order to help you get acquainted with Columbia Connect, we encourage you to login and begin exploring. We've also put together the resources below to assist you with accessing and navigating the new system. If you need assistance with Columbia Connect, please contact us.


  • First-Time Login Instructions - If you’re logging in to Columbia Connect for the first-time, these instructions will help guide you along the way, provide you tips on selecting a new password and show you where to download the Columbia Connect mobile application.

  • Login Instructions from a Non-Registered Device - Follow these instructions to login to Columbia Connect from a new or non-registered device. If you'd like to register your device with Columbia Connect, this guide will help you get set up.

  • Login Instructions from a Registered Device - If your device is registered with Columbia Connect, logging-in is easy! Follow these instructions to login to Columbia Connect from your registered and recognized device.

  • Transaction History User Guide - Transaction history is easy to access in Columbia Connect. With this user guide you’ll learn how to view, search, export and print your transaction history.

  • Alerts User Guide - Columbia Connect offers various alerts to help you manage your account and events in your life. This user guide contains information about how to manage your alerts and the various alert options available to you.

  • eStatements User Guide - You can change how you like to receive your monthly statements. Learn how to sign up for paperless statements in this guide.

  • Troubleshooting Guide - Check out this guide for quick answers around common issues we’ve received about Columbia Connect.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Check out this FAQ for quick answers around common questions we’ve received about Columbia Connect.

Updating your Quicken, QuickBooks and Mint Accounts

If you are using Quicken, QuickBooks or Mint to help manage your accounts, you will need to modify your settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data.

Select one of the guide options below to modify your settings:

Update Columbia Bank Mobile Banking App

iPhone and iPad users: Your current Columbia Bank app on your iOS device will require a simple update. If you do not have automatic updates scheduled, please be sure to manually run the update in order to access the new Columbia Connect system.

Android users: You will need to delete the current Columbia Bank app on your device and upload the new one. Visit the Google Play store to download the new app today.


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