Mail Fraud

Mail fraud involves use of the postal system to steal money and valuables from victims.  It is most often committed through solicitation letters, phony sweepstakes, bogus catalogs, or work-at-home offers. Thieves can commit mail fraud by simply stealing mail - such as bank statements, credit card offers or checks - out of your mailbox.

Tips to Prevent Mail Fraud

  • Buy and install a locking mailbox.
  • Don't leave bill payment envelopes in your mailbox for pickup -take them to a postal mailbox.
  • Know when your bank and credit card statements, Social Security checks or pension payments are supposed to arrive each month.  Better yet, get your statements online.
  • Know your billing cycles, and watch for any missing mail.
  • Follow up if bills or new cards do not arrive on time.
  • Carefully review all of your monthly accounts for unauthorized charges.
  • Never respond to a sweepstakes letter by sending in a check to claim your prize.
  • Only send checks to charities with which you are familiar. 
  • If you are asked to send a "deposit" to "get started" with a work-at-home offer or a pyramid scheme, don't respond. 
  • If you order merchandise from a catalog and it doesn't arrive or isn't what you ordered, call the Better Business Bureau.
  • If merchandise you didn't order arrives COD (Cash On Delivery), just send it back.