Fraud Prevention Resources

ABA—American Bankers Association: Fraud info, consumer education, articles

ATG—Washington State Attorney General: Consumer protection programs, Internet safety for kids, protecting seniors, fraud fighters

BBB—Better Business Bureau: Consumer tips, check a business or charity, file a complaint

DOJ—Department of Justice: Fraud information

DOL—Department of Licensing: Identity theft FAQ

FDIC—Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Consumer alerts, safe Internet banking, tips on fraud

FBI—Federal Bureau of Investigation: New scams and warnings, how to protect yourself, parent’s guide to Internet safety

FTC—Federal Trade Commission: Consumer and business information, info on current/new scams, consumer tips, stop SPAM, telemarketers, affidavit in case you are a victim, National Do Not Call Registry

Free Credit Report—Free annual credit report

NFIC—National Fraud Information Center: Telemarketing and Internet fraud, elder fraud, and more

WSBA—Washington State Bar Association: Types of fraud, find legal help

WSP—Washington State Patrol: FAQ, identity theft unit

Credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union)—You can order a Credit Watch (Equifax), request your credit report and report fraud with each of the credit reporting agencies. You can also request to "opt-out" of preapproved lists sold to other companies. (See the FACT Act, which pertains directly to your ability to request credit reports annually.)

National Do Not Call Registry—Remove your name from telemarketing lists by registering with the Do Not Call Registry. (Includes tips to avoid getting on lists.)

Unclaimed Property Lists—The NAUPA Website (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) provides access to unclaimed property in all 50 states.