September 9, 2010

New e-mail Computer Virus Alert

As reported in the national media, September 9, 2010, an email-borne computer virus circulated among major organizations worldwide. This was a “Zero Day” virus that was not detected by most major antivirus packages, although its presence quickly became evident as inboxes filled with “Here you have…” emails. Columbia Bank systems were not infected by this virus. We are currently auditing third party service providers to ensure they were not affected.

How to protect yourself from e-mail attacks:

• Don't open e-mails for people you don't know
• Permanently delete any copies of the e-mails if you received them
• Do not click on links within e-mails from unknown sources
• Update definitions to your anti-virus software

You can find additional resources available in the Security Resource Center at If you have questions or concerns, please contact our online services department at 1-877-754-5074.


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