November 14, 2010

Online Banking Phishing Warning

Our Online Services division has experienced an increased number of reported phishing attempts targeting users. Please be aware of the following when accessing any Online Banking system:

  • A message appears during the login process stating that the user's computer cannot be identified, and that the user is required to enter credit card information to continue.
  • The page that requests login information does appear to originate from Columbia Bank’s Online Banking site with the correct URL and certificate information. This can happen from malware being installed on the user’s computer. This malware was most likely installed from an opened e-mail attachment or a compromised website viewed on the infected computers of customers using Online Banking. Rest assured that Columbia Bank's Online Banking servers remain secure.

To prevent fraud, do not enter personal or account information during the login process or for where the information requested is not relevant to the transaction. You should not enter sensitive data if you are prompted to do so. Also, any computer system accessing Online Banking should have anti-virus and anti-malware installed with the software definitions kept up-to-date.

If you have any questions please contact Online Services at 877.754.5074.


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