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The Secure Email system provides encrypted communication through email with Columbia Bank employees.

Important Things to Know About Secure Email

A Columbia Bank employee must initiate secure email. In order to use the Secure Email system an employee must send you a registration request.

  • If you receive a request to register for Secure Email without an advanced notice form a Columbia Bank employee it is best to contact the employee via phone to verify the authenticity of the request. Do not use phone numbers or email addresses listed in the request email. Use the contact information you already have on file or lookup contact information on
  • You must login to the Secure Email system and reply to an existing message to send an encrypted message to a Columbia Bank employee. If you simply open your email program, type in the employee’s email address and send off an email, it will not be encrypted. You must login and communicate using the Secure Email system.

Follow the Instructions Below to Register for Secure Email

  • Open the attached file titled "securedoc.html" in the email you received
  • Register your information (Name, create a password, create a security phrase and select and answer three security questions)
  • Click "Register"
  • After you complete the registration, an activation email will be sent to your email address from "Do Not Reply".
  • Open the email and click on the "Click here to activate this account" link.

Once you've completed this step, your account will be activated. You will now be able to open email sent securely by simply entering your password. If you have questions regarding the enrollment process, please contact us.

Follow the instructions below to read secure email

  • Open the attached file titled "securedoc.html" in the email you received
  • Enter your password and click "Open"

Your email message will appear. To send a secure response, simply click the reply button, enter your response and click the "send" button.

Caution: Do not send sensitive personal information to Columbia Bank through unsecure email. For additional information on our secure message service, please contact us.

Columbia Bank uses Cisco Registered Email Services for secure email transmission.

For additional information about Cisco Registered Email Services:


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