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Proactive Fraud Prevention

At Columbia Bank, we're committed to providing you with best-in-class service and keeping your data safe. That’s why we partner to offer you technology that protects you beyond the capabilities of any anti-virus software you may have in place.

With Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) from our partner Cyxtera, you can create an additional layer of security to help safeguard your accounts on any device you use to access your Columbia Bank accounts. After an easy install, this software runs quietly in the background to detect and block threats in real time so your finances stay secure.

Fast Acting

Malware and phishing allow cyber criminals to access your computer, account numbers, and personal information. Don’t wait for them to be detected! If your device is infected with malware, DSB will alert you of the infection, let you know what processes have been blocked and it will allow you to continue and complete your protected online banking activity.

Fraud Free

Malware is constantly evolving to evade antivirus solutions. Most antivirus solutions detect only around 25 percent of the most popular malware in circulation. DSB stops financial malware in its tracks so you stay protected from any fraudulent activity.

How to Install

  • Download Detect Safe Browsing for Windows
  • Download Detect Safe Browsing for Mac

  • 2. Once downloaded, run the easy installer and allow for the software to be placed on your device.

    3. You can verify DSB is running by identifying the small Security Shield icon Security Shield on your taskbar.

    4. Use the DSB Manager to navigate around online banking and eliminate the threat of phishing, pharming and other malicious attacks. Rest assured your accounts are protected at every click.

    Who is Cyxtera, and why is Columbia Bank using them to provide me protection?

    Cyxtera is an innovative leader of integrated fraud prevention solutions. It automates the time-sensitive and manual risk management processes encountered by every security team, and enables us to respond faster and more efficiently to any type of digital threat.

    What is Detect Safe Browsing, and why is it important?

    Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) from Easy Solutions is an innovative tool created to protect users from the electronic fraud modalities commonly used on the Internet.

    Within the protection capabilities of the application, you will find a connection analysis and system-scanning feature. Such scanning identifies three possible attacks:

    • Malware:  Malicious software that attempts to affect the information integrity of the device.
    • Phishing: Web site impersonation performed by a non-authorized third party to get confidential information for criminal purposes.
    • Pharming: Manipulation of system information performed by non-authorized users, who re-direct the access from real web sites to fake sites and thus commit fraud.


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