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Premier Personal Login Image and Passphrase
Will Be Removed on May 22, 2014

As of May 22, 2014 you will no longer see your login image or passphrase on the password page of Premier Personal Online Banking and Personal Mobile Banking. Please rest assured your online banking and mobile banking sessions continue to be protected through our powerful, multi-layered security measures.

This change will not affect your user ID or password. You may continue using your current user ID and password. The only difference you will notice is the removal of the image and passphrase that is currently displayed on the password page today.


How Our Security Measures Will Continue to Protect You

At Columbia Bank we are always making improvements to help protect your personal information. Advancements in technology provide us with new tools and resources that allow us to provide increasingly sophisticated security measures. The following measures are some of the ways we will continue to protect your information:

1. When logging into the system, you must enter the correct user ID and password that match our system.
2. The system then checks the device you are using. If the system doesn’t recognize the device, you may be presented with security challenge questions or the option to be sent a one-time passcode to your registered email address in order to proceed.
3. Lastly, the system verifies your geographic location. If you’re logging in from a new location, you may be asked to answer a challenge question or to receive a one-time passcode at your registered email address in order to proceed.

Additional Security Measures We Offer You

Columbia Bank also offers Trusteer Rapport; a complimentary and user-friendly security software that helps protect your online banking session by blocking malicious attempts to access or steal your personal information and login credentials. It works alongside your existing firewall and antivirus software solutions to provide added protection. 

To download or find out more information, click here.


Look For the Green Bar

Columbia Bank recently implemented an extended validation secure layer certificate, known as the green bar, to your Premier Personal Online Banking session. After you enter your user ID and select “Login”, you'll be taken to the password page where you will notice a green address bar in the URL that says "FISERV INC." with a lock image. This green bar is the verification that you are on Columbia Bank’s Premier Personal Online Banking site and not a fake site.

Please note that FISERV is the name of Columbia Bank's vendor who provides our Premier Personal Online Banking and Personal Mobile Banking systems.

Please also know that the green bar may look slightly different depending on the browser you are using. Below is a sample of how the green bar should look like when logging into Premier Personal Online Banking:



How You Can Protect Yourself


There are a few things that you can do to help protect your personal information. 

Protect Your Computer

Below are a few ways to help protect your computer against potential security threats:

  • Install anti-virus software – downloading anti-virus software can help protect your computer against viruses, worms and other security threats. It is also important to keep your anti-virus software current with any updates.
  • Install a firewall – A firewall can help protect your computer by preventing hackers or malicious software from gaining access to it.
  • Install spyware and other malware protection – installing anti-spyware can help protect your computer from spyware and other potentially unwanted software.
  • Keep your system up to date – Your operating system, such as Windows or OSX, release critical security updates on a regular basis. Be sure to routinely check for updates or choose to have them installed automatically to ensure your system is always updated with the most current security patches.

How to Contact Us With Questions


If you have any questions or feedback regarding this update, you may contact us through the following channels:


Customer Care Center:

Call: 1-877-272-3678
Email: Customercare@columbiabank.com
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Saturday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Online Chat:

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