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Branch Sale to First Northern Bank

A Message from Clint Stein, President and CEO

As part of Columbia Bank’s merger with Umpqua Bank, the Department of Justice is requiring the divestiture of ten Columbia branches. A divestiture means that we must sell an existing branch location, along with associated deposits and loans, to another financial institution. The selection of these branches was not made by Columbia Bank or Umpqua Bank. The Department of Justice Antitrust Division closely reviews mergers between banks to ensure a market continues to provide competitive banking options after the merger is complete. After reviewing our overlapping footprint, they determined ten locations that should be divested to ensure appropriate competition in the market following the close of the merger. News of the divestiture requirement was disappointing because we value all of the communities and customers we serve. We are committed to supporting customers and employees of these locations as we work to comply with the DOJ’s requirement.

We have entered into an agreement to sell three California branches located in Colusa, Orland and Willows to First Northern Bank. We anticipate the sale to be completed in January. Accounts and services will transition to those offered by First Northern on the date of the sale. In the meantime, you should continue to bank as usual. Please continue using your Columbia Bank checks, cards and digital services as you always have. If you have a loan, please continue to make payments according to the terms of your agreement. We will provide detailed communication about the transition well in advance of any changes.

You will continue to enjoy working with the same talented bankers who know your family and your business. To assist you throughout and beyond the transition, employees who work in the three branches will become employees of First Northern Bank.

We are confident in First Northern Bank’s commitment to their communities. Both banks will work together to provide customers and employees with a seamless transition. If you have questions about the divestiture, please contact your branch or call us at 1-877-272-3678.


Clint Stein
President and CEO

About First Northern Bank

First Northern Bank is an independent community bank with 11 full-service branches, serving Solano, Yolo, Placer, Sacramento, Contra Costa as well as neighboring counties. The Bank takes pride in its Policy of Independence, adopted by the Board of Directors in 1996, which communicates to customers, employees, and communities its dedication to remaining independent. With its local decision making, First Northern Bank has long been known for being the #1 local small business lender, with friendly, knowledgeable bankers. Experts are available in small business, commercial, real estate, and agribusiness lending, as well as mortgage loans. The Bank is an SBA-Preferred Lender. Non-FDIC insured Investment & Brokerage Services are available at every branch location, and real estate mortgage and small business loan officers are available by appointment in any of the Bank’s branches. For almost 113 years, First Northern Bank has remained steadfast in its commitment to giving back to its communities which has led to the high level of trust people have placed in its brand.



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