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Everyday efficiency for your business

Our diversified Treasury Management programs give you countless options when it comes to your business finances. With more protection and flexibility than ever before, you have the ultimate control you’ve been looking for. Get more out of your money with Treasury Management.

Choose from a full range of transaction and Treasury Management tools to gain more control over—and make more from—your money. We combine technology with integrated operations and local expertise for safe, powerful, flexible solutions.

Information Reporting

Business Digital Banking

Customize a Business Digital Banking experience and manage your business finances conveniently and securely. Features range from bill payment and collection to wires and fraud prevention.

CB Business Mobile App

Do everything you can do with the Commercial Connect and Biz Connect desktop interface, and take online access anywhere your business takes you.

Business Bill Pay

Pay your bills anytime, from anywhere. Schedule single or recurring payments to any business or any individual in the United States.


Originate ACH Debits

Expedite your collections and build stronger cash flow by initiating electronic debits to your customers through Columbia’s Business Online Banking.

Deposit Express - Remote Deposit

Eliminate daily trips to the bank by depositing paper checks electronically with Deposit Express.


Process payments more cost-effectively and gain quicker access to your funds by using Columbia Bank’s lockbox service. We gather your payments, deposit the funds into your account and provide detailed information for you to update your accounts receivable system.

Merchant Services

We accept VISA®, MasterCard® and Discover® Network sales drafts for deposit into your Business Checking account plus we provide local support, equipment and supplies.


Direct Deposit of Payroll

Upload your payroll information into Columbia’s Business Online Banking system for a fast, effective way to create electronic payments to your employees.

ACH Credits to Vendors and Tax Payments

You can pay almost anyone by ACH credit. Use this secure electronic payment method to take advantage of discounts with your vendors, reduce check fraud and reduce reconciliation costs.

Wire Transfers

Originate both domestic and international wires online. Whether you send them repetitively or just “once in a while,” online wires are more efficient, secure and cost less than manual ones.

Fraud Protection

Positive Pay

Positive Pay allows you to inform the bank what checks you have written and compares that data to checks presented against your accounts. If we receive a check that does not match what you’ve told us you’ve issued, we provide an exception report and give you the control to decide whether to pay or return the check.

ACH Filters

ACH filters gives you control over what electronic transactions can post to your accounts. You tell us who you’ve authorized to send electronic transactions to your accounts—all other transactions will be rejected and you will be contacted to make the decision to allow those transactions to post or be returned.

Excess Funds Management

Zero Balance Accounts

Fund your payroll, accounts payable and other disbursement accounts from your main operating account. ZBAs give you the option to segregate your transactions while eliminating the need to manually transfer funds back and forth.

Sweep Products

A Line of Credit Sweep can be linked from your operating account to your loan. Save interest expense by using our automated systems to pay down your line every night with excess funds. And if you need money to fund your operating account – the sweep will transfer from your line of credit into your operating account.

If you borrow from your line occasionally but at other times have excess funds to invest, we can provide a Dual Sweep, which will either pay down your line or transfer balances to your investment account.

Account Analysis

Account analysis provides an earnings credit, based on your combined balances, that will be applied to help offset your service charges. This earnings credit can not only offset the cost of your checks paid, deposits, wire transfers, etc., it can also be used to offset the cost of any other Treasury Management product or service.

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