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Send and receive checks payable in foreign currencies without the hassle.

Eliminate the need to send or receive funds payable in foreign currencies through collections. We can help you send and receive foreign drafts across the globe.

Foreign Drafts

Columbia Bank can issue a foreign draft (check) payable in foreign currency drawn on a foreign bank. When issued the bank is notified by computer via telephone and satellite communications verifying authenticity of the draft.

Foreign drafts can eliminate the need to send U.S. dollar checks for collection, which can save you possible collection charges and fees.

Foreign drafts are available within 1 to 5 business days at any branch or within 48 hours at our International Banking office at 1301 A Street, Suite 100, in downtown Tacoma.

Cashing Foreign Drafts

To eliminate the need for you and your business to endure a lengthy and expensive collection process, we can purchase your drafts drawn in foreign currencies and payable in foreign countries (with recourse), providing you immediate payment in U.S. dollars.

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