Are you interested in applying for a new position within the bank?  The following instructions and tools will help you throughout this process. It is Columbia Bank’s preference to fill open positions with current Columbia Bank employees whenever possible.  Internal applicants are still subject to the same hiring criteria as other applicants but will receive priority consideration.


As listed in SOP 8-10: Employment

Employees are eligible to apply for an internal transfer if they have been in their current position for at least 6 months, have satisfactory work performance, and no disciplinary actions during the preceding twelve month period. These requirements may be waived with the consent of the employee’s manager and Human Resources.

Consult with your manager and/or Human Resources if you have any questions about your eligibility to transfer.

Sensitive Departments

Employees who request a transfer into a Sensitive Position or Department will be subject to additional background checks. The list of Sensitive Departments/Positions can be found by visiting SOP 8-10. All job postings will indicate whether or not position is located in a sensitive area department.

Note: Should a severely negative background check result be returned, your employment with Columbia Bank could be altered or terminated.

Process to Apply

  1. Visit our internal careers website by clicking the link below.  Here you can view available internal job postings.  Note: In order to apply as an internal applicant, you must apply through the internal careers website.
  2. Once you have decided which position you want to apply for, you must complete and submit the online application form.  
  3. You will receive a confirmation email once HR has received your online application. HR will review your application and send it to the hiring manager, if you meet all minimum qualifications.  

Your Human Resources team is here to help you achieve your career objectives.  If you are interested in transferring now or want to know how to get ready for the next opportunity, feel free to contact us. 

Tony Boudia,  253-305-0770 (

Minerva Neemia, 253-305-1551 (


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