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Welcome to the NeighborHub, a new kind of neighborhood resource.

By day, we’re here for all your banking and financial needs. By night, you’ll find an array of curated events – everything from art shows and beer tastings to expert talks on the local economy.

The NeighborHub is a new kind of banking experience that shows how relationships and community are at the core of who we are. You’ll find that building a connection with the neighborhood and our clients informs the design and intention of this space.

We started with what matters most, and that’s personal interaction. The NeighborHub layout encourages people to engage with bankers and financial solutions from the moment they walk in. This places a value on relationships and the experience our team members provide.

Flexible spaces in the NeighborHub allow for small business workshops, neighborhood gatherings and small non-profit seminars. Business owners can conveniently conduct a meeting, get work done and have easy access to conveniences such as coffee selections and other refreshments.

The NeighborHub is customized to its community. The bankers that work here are part of the neighborhood they serve. At night, an array of curated events reflect what’s really going on in the neighborhood. The calendar features everything from seminars on managing cash flow and homeownership to events focused on the arts and culture that matter most to that neighborhood.

The NeighborHub is a space that works as the intersection of a client’s financial life and the community they live in.

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