Daybreak Estates Sherwood, OR

21500 & 21730 SW Elwert Rd. Sherwood, OR  |  SOLD

The property totals 6.38 gross acres, and is L-shaped. After off-site street dedications, the net developable area is about 5.76 acres. It's best described as gently rolling downward from southwest to northeast. Proposed lots have territorial views and will have various trees and shrubs. Proposed 34 lots.

Utilities & Services:
Tualitin Valley Water District
Clean Water Services
Northwest Natural Gas
Portland General Electric

Recently annexed into the City of Sherwood with two zoning designations. A portion is zoned MDRH - Medium Density Residential High) allowing attached housing development with a minimum 1,200 SF per lot. The remainder of the site is zoned MDRL (Medium Density Residential Low) with a minimum lot size of 5,000 SF for detached lots.

Al Jeck