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When Commercial Care Supervisor Reina Valdez got a job as a teller with a small financial institution later acquired by Columbia Bank, she had no idea that she would land the job of her dreams. “I didn’t even know this job existed as a teller,” she says, “It really matches my personality; fast paced and upbeat!” Reina enjoys working closely with Columbia Bank’s Treasury Management team to maintain relationships with customers using a blend of information technology, problem solving and customer service.

A supervisor of five years, Reina cherishes the opportunity to mentor and guide new Columbia Bankers in their careers.

“I always tell my team that I don’t expect them to retire as a Customer Service Representative,” says Reina. Her favorite part of leading the Commercial Care team is getting to work with everyone in the bank on various challenges.

“Twelve people taking over 400 requests each day is pretty fast-paced and even after five years here, I still learn something new every day.”

Reina was most surprised when she realized that despite being one of the strongest and best performing banks in the Northwest, Columbia Bank operates with a small business mentality. She recalls working for a large credit union where no one knew her name or job function. Today, she feels respected and empowered in her work because of the friendly, caring culture and professional environment that Columbia Bank fosters.

But Reina knows that her love for being a Columbia Banker centers on one particular area.

“I love the people,” Reina says. “Whether it’s working together on a project or spending time together at Columbia Bank Family Fair Day, I look forward to working hard with my team and having fun every step of the way.”

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