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Great work environments begin with one word: respect.

That’s why we have a strict “No Jerks Rule” that applies to all Columbia Bankers to help maintain our long tradition of culture and values based around strong relationship building. Everyone who interacts with Columbia Bank, from employees and customers to vendors and community leaders, knows the culture of our bank is rooted in mutual respect and understanding. This important rule fosters a work environment that is respectful, professional and values the significant contribution that each employee makes, no matter what position they hold in the bank.

You’ll find our friendly and service-focused culture visible in our branches throughout every department in our company. Columbia Bankers work together and appreciate the contributions from team members at all levels while treating each other with respect and professionalism. We look beyond the resume in the hiring process and take into consideration an applicant’s values, attitude and ethics along with their skills, experience and education. We believe that the power of diversity is amplified when paired with a shared value for a respectful and understanding work environment. By joining the team at Columbia Bank, you’ll have the chance to work with talented, kind and committed professionals who care about each other, our customers and our communities.

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At Columbia Bank we don’t just accept difference, we advocate it, encourage it, and celebrate it for the benefit of our employees, our services and our community. We’re proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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