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Navneeth Naidu

When he’s not managing a team of 26 employees, Navneeth Naidu is looking forward to his next challenge. As Director of Information Technology, his job is to ensure that IT infrastructure is reliable, secure, cost efficient, and strategically sound, reflecting business needs and best practice in creating value for the bank and our customers.

Navneeth admits that his goal wasn’t to work at a bank. “I loved information technology and studied it in college before I got an internship doing information technology work at a bank,” he says of his path into the financial services industry.

The opportunity to join Columbia Bank presented itself to Navneeth when a financial institution he worked for was acquired by the bank. “I instantly loved the fast-paced environment at Columbia Bank. It really allowed me to be innovative and creative in my work.” With his evident passion for tackling information technology challenges at the bank, it wasn’t long before Navneeth was working closely with leadership to develop creative solutions that help keep the bank and customers safe from potential threats to their information and privacy. Shortly after joining Columbia Bank, Navneeth was promoted to his current position as Director of IT due to his hard work ethic, knowledge and positive attitude.

“The bank is very passionate about recognizing talent and pursuing it,” says Navneeth’s supervisor and Columbia Bank CIO Eric Eid. “We saw a lot of potential in Navneeth and the bank is very lucky to have someone with his great set of skills lead our IT team.”

Although he knew his passion before discovering bringing his skills to the financial services industry, Navneeth trusts that Columbia Bank would be a strong option for jobseekers at any point in their career because of the professional growth opportunities, “It’s a great place to start or continue your career because there are people who will always care about you every step of the way.”


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