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Kevin Meabon knows there is limitless potential for Columbia Bank employees.

“New bankers have a wide range of incredible opportunities allowing them to create their own path in the financial services industry. Employees can be paired with mentors who are invested in them and help them accomplish their personal and professional goals.”

As Kevin reflects on his own mentorship journey that began 13 years ago with two senior bankers he recalls what initially led him to the financial services industry, “I wanted to help successful bankers become even more successful, then learn from them,” he says, “Now they’re my colleagues and it’s an honor work with them.” As a result of his own mentorship experience, one of Kevin’s favorite aspects about his job is the ability to foster talent within his staff and helping them identify areas of improvement to activate their career growth and professional potential, “I am grateful for my mentors at the bank and I work very hard to continue that legacy with my team today.”

At Columbia Bank, Kevin is empowered to take the lead on his work using his entrepreneurial spirit that enables him to create innovative lending programs reaching markets that were previously underserved by most banks for decades. “The culture at Columbia Bank is extremely different from what you might get at a national bank,” he says. “We never know what type of challenges a company may face on any given day. Our ability to proactively react to those challenges really sets us apart from other financial institutions.”

After more than 12 years with Columbia Bank, Kevin has gained a broad depth of knowledge. He looks forward to discovering new approaches to create enduring relationships with clients and getting out of the office to reach his customers where they are. “Not all of the work has to be done at a desk, sometimes a meeting might take place during a hike or over a great cup of coffee,” says Kevin of his unique relationships he’s developed with clients.

Kevin attributes the freedom he has to work with clients as one of the sources of his success. “We’re not just bankers – we are also trusted advisors, friends and a source of support for our clients,” he says of his role as a Team Leader in the Commercial Banking department. As a leader at Columbia Bank, Kevin is tasked with managing a team of 10 employees whose focus is to develop deep relationships with our clients so that we can gain a greater understanding of what drives business owners and their respective business needs, “Having knowledge of their passion and how it impacts their business helps us all become more successful.”

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