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Mobile Security Check Up

by User Not Found | Oct 22, 2019
Mobile Security Check Up

October is National Cybersecurity Month and a great opportunity to take a few moments to reflect on mobile security. These days our devices seem to follow us everywhere, and hold more and more vital data and personal information than ever. Are you taking the right steps to ensure your information is secure? In a time where data breaches and identity theft are common news stories, it is increasingly important to take advantage of the mobile security tools available on your devices. Here are few tips to make sure you’re making the most of your security.

Use Strong Passwords

One of the most fundamental tips for keeping your phone secure is utilizing strong passwords and taking advantage of your phone’s passcodes, fingerprint or face recognition technology. According to, a strong password consists of at least 12 characters and they recommend using a short sentence that you will easily remember.

Keep Your Operating System Up to Date

Staying current on the most recent update of your operating system is a great way to bolster your phone’s security. Often times, these updates include fixes to bugs and other important updates that help your device run safely and smoothly.

Connect to Secure Wi-Fi

Try to make sure you only connect to secure Wi-Fi networks on your mobile devices, especially if you plan to access personal information while browsing. Secure networks are password protected Wi-Fi networks; by taking the extra step to make sure you are connecting to secure networks when they are available, it will help ensure that you’re browsing safely.

Beware of Text Message Fraud

Much like the recent uprising of phishing attempts via email, text message phishing attempts are a common way for fraudsters to try to solicit information. Be on the lookout for red flags in text messages from numbers you don’t recognize. These texts often include spelling errors, a sense of urgency and some type of time sensitive request that often involves personal information.

Wipe Your Device

Have your eyes on the newest cell phone model? Before you make the upgrade take a moment to back up, then wipe your current phone if you plan to trade it in for a newer device. Taking this extra step helps ensure you’re not leaving your personal information behind.

We are here to help keep you and your information safe. Whether we are providing tips on how to stay safe, sharing the most current fraud trends or monitoring your accounts for potentially fraudulent activity, you can rest assured that we work around the clock to protect your information from fraudulent activity.



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