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Mobile Security Tips to Keep Your Device on Lock Down

by Karlie Watts | Jan 24, 2019
Mobile Security Tips to Keep Your Device on Lock Down

Modern mobile devices can make you feel like you have the world at your fingertips! However, as our use of mobile technology increases, so do the vulnerabilities of the personal information stored on those devices. Now more than ever, it is vital to make use of the mobile security options available to you to lock down your device and your information. We’ve compiled some great tips and reminders to help you make sure you’re taking the precautions that will keep you secure.

Set Up Passwords

Depending on your device, chances are your cell phone or tablet has options to pass lock your device. Some devices utilize facial recognition, fingerprint technology or a simple numeric passcode. Whatever the case, make sure you are taking advantage of these offerings to keep your phone locked and your information safe. When selecting a password, try to follow some best practices to ensure you aren’t making it too easy for someone to hack into your device.

Get to Know Your Options

Most devices offer customizable security settings where you can set rules and monitor the settings on your device. For example, some devices offer standard rules that will automatically lock your phone down for a certain amount of time after a set number of failed password attempts. Get to know the options on your device by referencing these helpful tools:

Download from Secure Sources

Make sure when you are downloading new apps that you only download from a trusted source. Most times you can find this information in the App store before downloading the application in the explanation of the app. For example, if you’d like to download the Amazon app, when you search in the app store multiple options may appear, be sure to select the option presented by Amazon to ensure you are downloading the correct app.

Only Connect to Secure Wi-Fi Networks

Similar to the way you’d connect your computer to only trusted sources, the same thing goes for mobile devices. Make sure the Wi-Fi network you are joining is a secure network for optimal security.

Browse Securely

When using your phone’s internet browser for anything that requires sensitive information like your address or credit card information, do so from “secure browsing mode.”

Backup Your Device

In the event that your mobile device is compromised, regular backups help ensure you can retain your data.

Update Regularly

Keep an eye out for updates to applications and your device software. Often time these updates include fixes to bugs and provide more advanced options to make your software run smoother.

By following some of these best practices, you can rest easy knowing you are taking precautions to keep your information safe and enjoy all of the wonderful things available at your fingertips on your mobile device!

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