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Meet the VA Specialist: Kim Grayson

by User Not Found | Dec 26, 2018


At Columbia Bank, we have lenders that develop a deep expertise in their field. Loan Officer Kim Grayson is one of those as she’s helped numerous military families across the Northwest find a new home. When you apply for a VA loan through Kim, you’ll be asked for your LES (Leave and Earnings Statement), or if you’re retired from the military, for your DD214. She’ll help you figure out if you’re eligible for a VA loan, and if there is extra paperwork you need to fill out if you’re within one year of end of service.

Having spent 30 years on the job, Kim has seen it all: The retired Navy officer that forgot to mention they had changed jobs, so when the underwriter called to confirm employment, they were told they didn’t work there. The soldier who made an offer on a house, sight unseen, as he was redeployed to a new base. The sailor that had been keeping the down payment money in a box under the floor boards, instead of in the bank where the loan officers could document it.

In each case, Kim was able to help each military personnel work through those financial and logistical challenges to achieve what may be the most important investment of their lifetime. She is a trusted advisor, always doing what is best for her customers, and is happy to travel to meet clients in person, adding convenience and personalized service to the lending process.

Kim is also active in her community, having served with local chambers of commerce, and across builder and realtor associations. She is thankful for all military personnel, active and retired, for their commitment to our country and its ideals, and is excited to help our military navigate the home financing process with her support and expertise.



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