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Don’t Let Cyber Security Become a Scary Ordeal

by User Not Found | Oct 02, 2018

By: Juancarlos Martinez, Vice President and Information Security Manager

October is of course best known for Halloween, but it should also be recognized as an important awareness month for something truly scary – online security threats and fraud. Throughout October, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and all year long, Columbia Bank is dedicated to protecting all of our clients from cyber threats – as well as promoting good online security habits.

Each year the National Cyber Security Alliance launches Cyber Security Awareness Month in October as part of a multi-level national campaign to drive awareness about fraud and online security breaches.

McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) revealed that cybercrime cost global business between $445 and $608 billion in 2017. That is a $100 billion increase over 2014. The level of fraud, online crime and cyber-attacks is increasing at almost exponential levels and continues to threaten all businesses large and small. A frightening thought for anyone.

Accordingly, Columbia Bank is partnering with the National Cyber Security Alliance to promote more robust online protections for businesses. A key tenant of the program is the campaign, Lock Down Your Login which provides a tutorial about six steps every business can take to protect themselves from cyber-crime, including password protections, keeping up to date on security software and educating employees.

One of the key points of emphasis that the Alliance is trying to make during this month is that any business can take small steps to enhance their online safety. While the news is filled with massive data leaks and sophisticated global hacks, the vast majority of cybercrime occurs to small and mid-sized businesses through rather unsophisticated means. The bottom line for most companies is to educate themselves on the basic and cost-effective ways to protect one’s business from online criminals.

With continued education and diligence, it’s possible that we won’t need a Cybersecurity Awareness month and all can go back to celebrating the enjoyable kind of fright that comes from Halloween. To learn more about small steps you can take to protect your online security visit



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