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Simple Steps to Stay Safe Online

by User Not Found | Oct 12, 2017

In recognition of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we wanted to share simple tips to help you take control of your online safety. 2017 has been punctuated by data breaches affecting millions of consumers, such as the recent Equifax Security breach. The threat of online fraudsters remains constant so now is the time to take online security seriously. We work hard to keep our clients’ information safe, but there are additional measures you can take to protect yourself. 

Be Proactive
Make sure you are taking advantage of the security methods already available to you. For example; make sure you’re always using secure passwords to safeguard your accounts. We recommend a combination of unique letters, numbers and special characters that only you would think to combine. Do not use easily found information such as birth dates, names or any public facing information. It’s also important to use a different password for each account. It can become cumbersome trying to recall passwords for all of the accounts you access day-today, but by using a distinct password for each you’ll safeguard yourself if any single account is compromised. Two-step verification is another great way to place an additional layer of security on your accounts. It requires a security code is sent to a verified email address or phone number to confirm access to your account. Enable this option whenever available to keep your accounts protected

Be Aware
Be aware of everyday behaviors you take part in on the Internet and recognize the consequences of these actions online. Take precaution when entering your personal information into any website, and do your best to make sure you are only doing so with an accredited organization who will not distribute or sell your personal information. When making online purchases or logging into online accounts make sure to completely log out and close the browser after each visit. Check out these helpful online shopping tips for additional ways you can stay safe when shopping online. 

Don’t automatically trust links from emails, text messages or other forms of advertising – sometimes these links are part of a phishing scam. Being cautious and aware of your online surroundings is an effective way to avoid unnecessary risk. Fraudsters evolve their techniques alongside the pace of technology, but if you are aware of your behaviors and actively practicing safe internet standards you can often stay a step ahead of any danger.

We Have Your Back
If your information has been compromised and you are worried about a breach in your security, you can rest easy knowing that we have your back. We protect your accounts from fraud by monitoring transactions closely, flagging any suspicious activity and contacting you immediately whenever potentially fraudulent activity occurs via phone call or text. We also offer zero liability on all accounts for any fraud that is reported in a timely manner. 

Learn more about how we protect you from fraud by visiting our online fraud detection center or by clicking here.


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