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National Parks and Recreation Month: Our Top 5 Northwest Adventures

by User Not Found | Jul 26, 2017

Each July marks the annual celebration of National Parks and Recreation Month. To honor our Northwest roots, the revitalizing effects of nature and the power of adventure, we’d like to share our top five outdoor experiences from our team members based in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. From breathtaking coastal escapes to scenic forest hikes with hidden lakes, we have suggestions for you that stretch from the Puget Sound to the Palouse.

Sequim Bay State Park (Washington)

“Sequim Bay State Park is a favorite of mine, having over 92 acres that sit within the Sequim Rain Shadow. The grounds trails lead to the beach and wrap all the way around the camp grounds, allowing for a fantastic hiking experience.

A great place to visit on a day trip, camp at (either tent or RV) or even dock a boat. It has great fishing, crabbing and shell-fishing. The sun reflects beautifully off the water and the satisfaction of harvesting your own dinner is worth the drive.”

-Dani H., Merchant Card Services, Tacoma

Plan your visit to Sequim Bay State Park by clicking here.

Lost Lake (Idaho)

“Lost Lake is located near Avery, Idaho and is a walk-in only camp spot. We love it there! It is our favorite hike-in only camping spot in North Idaho where we take time to sit back, relax and just enjoy ourselves. The lake is full of crawfish (crawdads) that are very fun to catch and yummy to eat, similar to a little fresh water lobster. It is an all-around quiet and beautiful spot for camping and hiking.”

-Lynne H., Personal Banker, Coeur d’Alene

Brush Lake (Idaho)

This is a photo of Brush Lake, which is my family's favorite camping, swimming and fishing lake. Each camping spot is fairly secluded so you aren't bumping elbows with your neighbors, yet close enough for a big group to still feel close together. This lake is also far enough from the city that you can see the stars and Milky Way on a clear night!”

-Kayla W., Customer Service, Ponderay

Plan your visit to Brush Lake by clicking here.

Tucannon Trailhead, Umatilla National Forest (Washington)

“A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went on our first overnight backpacking trip! We hiked about 13 miles over those two days, on the Tucannon River trail outside of Dayton, Wash., within the Umatilla National Forest. The weather was amazing and we didn't see a single person the whole time we were out there! It was a beautiful, peaceful and fun weekend getaway! We love to try new parks. We have camped in different state and national parks throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and even Utah. We are already looking for location ideas for our next overnight hiking trip. We are lucky to live in an area with so many fantastic options nearby!”

-DeAnna P., Commercial Banker, Tri-Cities

Plan your visit to the Umatilla National Forest by clicking here.

Crater Lake National Park (Oregon)

“Last year my boyfriend and I went on a road trip around Oregon. We visited Tamolitch Blue Pool, located on the McKenzie River trail, Crater Lake, Toketee Falls and the Umpqua hot springs. We finished with the Red Woods in Northern California and the Oregon Caves. It was an amazing vacation filled with fun hikes and beautiful scenery!”

-Jenny P., Assistant Branch Manager, Ontario

Plan your visit to Crater Lake National Park here.

Washington, Oregon and Idaho are full of pristine national parks for you and your loved ones to explore, and summer is the perfect time to get out there and explore your own backyard! Whether you are enjoying a picnic at your local park, hiking through forests and mountain terrain or enjoying the tranquility of remote lake we hope you spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the beautiful Northwest this summer.



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