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Personal Online Banking Upgrades to Columbia Connect in July

by Kimanh Moreau | Jun 01, 2017


On July 11, we are excited to introduce you to Columbia Connect, our new and improved personal digital banking platform. With it you'll be connected to all the important points of your financial life through one powerful system. This isn't just a new look. We listened to your feedback about the current online system, and we're excited to introduce you to Columbia Connect because it will provide you with an easy to use, unified suite of features and tools that will give you the power to effectively manage your money.

We Need Your Help
We need your help to make sure your upgrade to Columbia Connect is a success. Please take a minute to verify your contact information through one of three simple methods available:

  • Log in into personal online banking and select "Options" from the navigation to verify and update your email address
  • Call our Digital Banking Team at 877-754-5074 and speak with a representative to verify your contact information
  • Visit your local branch

There's Not a Lot You Have to Do to Prepare
We've taken care of almost everything for you in the upgrade. We're moving over automatic transfer details, statements, bill payments, user IDs, transaction history and more. There are only two things we couldn't transfer to the new system. You'll have to set a new password upon enrollment, and any alerts you have in place today will need to be set up in the new system.

The Upgrade Occurs on July 11
Beginning July 11, you'll login from the same place you do today on for personal online banking, however the mobile and tablet apps are a little different. You'll need to update your iPhone and iPad apps the way you usually do. There will be a completely new Android app that you'll have to download on or after July 11.

We're Looking Ahead
Part of the reason we're upgrading to Columbia Connect is to keep up with the pace of technology. With it we'll be able to add new features to mobile, tablet and online at the same time, and we already have new features on the way:

  • Bank to Bank Transfers: You'll be able to send and receive money from your accounts at other banks.
  • Customer to Customer Transfers: You'll be able to send money to other Columbia Bank customers quickly and easily.
  • Finance Management Tools: You'll be able to connect your accounts, credit cards and investments so you can track, budget and plan in one place.

Visit the Upgrade Center
We're here to help. We’ve created an Upgrade Center filled with information and resources to help guide and prepare you for Columbia Connect. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on our website, the Upgrade Center is your one stop shop for questions and it will give you a glimpse of Columbia Connect arriving in July.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the upgrade center, please contact your local branch, or our Digital Banking Team at 1-877-754-5074.



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