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Warm Hearts Round Up: Touching Stories, from Across the Northwest

by User Not Found | Feb 04, 2016

MelanieAdamsStreetShelter-713x297Over the last two months, Columbia Bank, along with our customers, has had the opportunity to raise cash donations and collect new warm winter clothing to help the over 34,000 homeless men, women, and children who live in the Northwest. In addition to collecting funds and goods for local shelters, Columbia has heard many heartwarming stories of how Warm Hearts is impacting communities, and it is our pleasure to share some of them here:

“January is often our slowest month donation-wise, yet a time when the weather poses a great risk to those experiencing homelessness. These generous and unexpected contributions will go a long way in helping those in need survive cold nights. All of the community members who participated in Warm Hearts are the real heroes here.” — Jeff Lilley, President, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission

“Warm Hearts reminds me of the importance of people. Our loved ones at home provide encouragement, attention, care, guidance, and more. But if you have no home, then you probably have no one to offer this basic support. Helping shelters gives the homeless both a place to stay and the opportunity to have an “emotional safety net.” As a community, we can be there for the people who have no one else.” — Angie Martin, Tacoma Main, WA branch

“Every day, Portland Rescue Mission offers warmth, hope, and hospitality to hundreds of men, women, and children needing a hot meal, clothing, and a safe place to rest. Thank you for giving a gift that will feed and care for 9,375 people, and thank you for partnering with us to give hope and restore life for people in need.” — Mike Deckon, Engagement Communications Manager, Portland Rescue Mission

“I’ve been so moved by the reaction to Warm Hearts. A charity sent us a photo of the first batch of recipients wearing the hats, scarves, and jackets we collected. I was moved to tears by how delighted they looked! Working hard on behalf of the homeless has been life-changing and amazing, and this experience has pushed us to learn more and find ways to give back to our community.” — MaRyan Cramer, Warrenton, OR branch

“The response to Warm Hearts has been so powerful. The representatives at the Union Gospel Mission of Salem have made it clear to me just how much donations are needed, appreciated, and what an enormous impact this will have. I realize that we have a true, immediate need to help communities across the Northwest.” — Shaysie Chavez, Salem, OR branch

“Warm Hearts has really resonated throughout our community and pulled everyone together. Our charity, Transitions, gives homeless people places to live, clothing, rehabilitation services, childcare, and job opportunities. It’s truly a second chance for many, and we’re fortunate to witness the positive effects of Warm Hearts all around us.” — Lindsey Heaton, Downtown Spokane, WA branch

“The Warm Hearts campaign will mean that more families and children are able to overcome homelessness. Thank you for the hope and friendship expressed in the Warm Hearts campaign. Only together can we make a difference... and you've helped make a real difference!” — Mike Johnson, Executive Director, Tacoma Rescue Mission

We sincerely thank everyone who participated in Warm Hearts. As Columbia Bank’s President and CEO has said, “This speaks to the generosity of the Columbia Bank community. The campaign has made, and will continue to make, a difference in the lives of people in need across all of the communities we serve. I am proud of what we have accomplished together.”



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