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“They believed in me early on, that meant the world to me.”

by User Not Found | Apr 10, 2015

18 years ago, Bert had two very important things: a passion and a vision. He was a young molecular biologist who wanted to turn his professional passion into a viable business. But he lacked one very important thing: a bank that believed in him. A self-described mad scientist, Bert had been met with trepidation by banks at every turn, until he shook hands with Columbia Bank.

"Columbia Bank was the only bank that understood what my company was all about."

Bert's passion for DNA collided with Columbia Bank's passion for community and a business was born. Now, Amplicon Express is a leader in molecular biology products, supporting cutting-edge research around the world. Bert is still a mad scientist, but now he has a bank and a community behind him, and you can't put a price on that.

"Their commitment is absolutely critical to our success and our relationship is stronger than ever."



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