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Community Spotlight: Bankers Care Million Meal March

by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

by David Devine


Throughout the month of March, Columbia Bank branches along the I-5 corridor in Western Washington participated in the Bankers Care Food Drive, also known as the “Million Meal March.” All donations went directly to Northwest Harvest and other local food banks. We are honored to have the opportunity to work in concert with Northwest Harvest and other participating banks to fight hunger in Washington.

The Million Meal March is an important and timely community endeavor—during the spring months, food bank supplies are typically at their lowest, while need remains high. Thanks to our participating branches and customers for their generous contributions!

How You Can Help

Though the Million Meal March has ended, Northwest Harvest and other local food banks can still use your help. Whether you prefer to take action by donating or volunteering in one of the many area food banks, your help is greatly needed and many volunteer opportunities exist.


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