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Fraudulent Columbia Bank Text Message

by Kimanh Moreau | Jul 01, 2014

How the Fraudulent Text Message Scam Works

The recipient of the text message is asked to contact Columbia Bank and provides them with a phone number. If the recipient calls the phone number, they are asked to enter confidential information such as a checking account number, debit card number, social security number, etc.

Please be aware of the following information

  • The text message is being sent from an unknown source
  • The phone number provided in the text message is not a Columbia Bank phone number
  • Columbia Bank does not send out text message when there is an issue with a customer's account, unless the customer has signed up for text alerts via Online Banking
  • Columbia Bank does not contact you and ask for your sensitive personal information.

Sample of the Fraudulent Text Message

Here is a sample of the counterfeit text message. Please note that the text messages are coming from several different numbers.


How to Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Texts Scams

  • Do you know the sender? If you don’t know the sender, do not respond to the text message
  • Were you expecting the email, phone call or text message? Even if the sender seems legitimate, you should be skeptical especially if you were not expecting to be contacted.
  • Be suspicious of links! Do not click on links from unknown senders.

If you question the authenticity of a communication you receive on behalf of Columbia Bank or regarding your banking activity, please contact your local branch or our Customer Care Center at 1-877-272-3678 immediately.



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