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    Mar 17, 2021
  • Recent Fraud Trends: Government Imposter Scams

    Protecting your personal identifying information (PII) from scammers is a vital step in staying safe online and protecting your data and security. In the last few years we’ve seen a significant rise in attempts from fraudsters to obtain PII from people. Whether it be a version of a Business Email Compromise or the recent Covid-19 scams, fraudsters are always looking for a new way to obtain your data. And now, a recent trend known as Government Imposter Scams have become an increasing concern.

  • Feb 03, 2021
  • Bank On-Certification: Helping Our Communities Prosper

    Having a bank account matters. For example, in 2020, having a bank account was vital to quickly and securely receiving unemployment, stimulus checks, and other emergency benefits. While having a bank account may seem trivial to some, this is the first step and a critical component towards financial stability. The Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, CFE Fund, is dedicated to providing bank accounts to the underbanked. Through their Bank On National Account Standards, they invite banks to join them in this quest. Bank On-Certification aims to ensure that everyone has access to a safe and affordable bank account.

  • Dec 15, 2020
  • Give Safely this Holiday Season

    With the holidays fast approaching and many of our celebrations looking a little different this year, many of us are still focused on finding ways to share gifts with loved ones. This year, online shopping has been a great alternative to avoid crowds and do your holiday shopping while remaining safe in the comfort of your home.

  • Nov 18, 2020
  • Nearly 40,000 Northwest People are Living on the Street: Help Share Warmth This Winter

    Now more than ever before, our Northwest communities need our support - and we’re aiming to do just that with the launch our 6th Annual Warm Hearts Winter Drive to help raise vital funds for the many people across the Northwest struggling in the cold this winter.

  • May 21, 2020
  • Common COVID-19 Scams & Tips on How to Protect Yourself From Them

    From stimulus checks fraud attempts to suspicious offers and malware, fraudulent activity and potential scams related to COVID-19 have been on the rise during the pandemic. We’ve compiled some great information on these scams and included some tips on how to identify and avoid falling for a potential scam.

  • Jan 28, 2020
  • Good News at Tax Time: Learn More About the Earned Income Tax Credit

    As tax season quickly approaches, there may be some great news when you file this year! Many workers are eligible for Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a tax credit that could put as much as $6,500 back in your budget. Even better, if you were eligible in past years you can file for three years total!

  • Dec 18, 2019
  • Share Warmth and Support Lasting Changes

    Each year during our annual Warm Hearts Winter Drive, all of our locations across Washington, Oregon and Idaho team up to raise funds and warm winter items for shelters across the Northwest. In just five years, with the support of our amazing communities we’ve been able to raise over $1 million to directly support over 60 shelter partners like the Tacoma Rescue Mission.

  • Dec 05, 2019
  • Help Families Living on the Streets this Winter

    "I was in a domestic violence situation," says Stephanie. "I was pregnant and had an eight-month-old baby." With nowhere to go, Stephanie’s choice to leave was agonizing, but she had to protect herself and her children.

  • Nov 19, 2019
  • Warm Hearts: Five Years of Warmth

    When we first launched the Warm Hearts Winter drive in 2015, our goal was simple – we wanted to raise much needed funds and support for the aid organizations around the Northwest who provide food and shelter to those in need.

  • Nov 18, 2019
  • Honoring National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week

    Last year, over 38,000 people were without shelter throughout the Northwest, and the cold winter season can be particularly hard for those who are living on the streets. November 16- 24, is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, which is the perfect opportunity to get involved and give back to your community and your neighbors in need.

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