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Loan Forgiveness Over $150,000

We are currently accepting all forgiveness applications for both PPP First and Second Draw Loans. Please follow the instructions outlined below to begin your application.

Before you begin

Prior to starting your forgiveness application through the portal, please ensure you’ve made note of the following:

Determine which application you are going to use to apply for forgiveness. If you aren’t sure, read through the instructions for both options to help you make the determination.

Have all required documents ready
. Ensure you’ve gathered all of the necessary supporting documents that are required to be submitted with your application. This information is listed in the instruction document for each application.

You do not need to know your loan number or your effective date of loan funding. Those will automatically pre-populate in the application portal.

Ensure you’ve identified totals. Please highlight where the total amounts you are claiming on your application for Payroll, Rent and/or Utilities are being pulled from. This will assist in our review of your application and ensure your application is processed timely and efficiently.

How to login

There are two different portals for forgiveness applications. In order to ensure you are using the correct portal, please review the options below to begin. It should be the same portal you used to apply for your original PPP loan.

Loans funded before
December 31, 2020

If your PPP loan was funded before
December 31, 2020, click below to start your forgiveness application.

Upon login you will be prompted to enter your Business Name and Tax ID (your Tax ID should NOT include any spaces or dashes, enter numbers only). These must match what you entered on the original application form. Follow these first-time login instructions for assistance.

Note: Use the Chrome browser for the best experience

Loans funded after 
January 1, 2021


If your PPP loan was funded after
January 1, 2021, click below to start your forgiveness application.

Login using the same email address and password you used to submit your original PPP application. Follow these first-time login instructions for assistance.

Add an Authorized User to access your forgiveness applications.

Note: Use the Chrome browser for the best experience

Next steps

  1. Application submission. Once you submit your application to us, the portal will advise that it has been done successfully.
  2. Review Process. We will review your application to ensure all of the necessary items have been provided. If we have any questions about your application, your banker will reach out to you.
  3. Submission to the SBA. Once your application has been reviewed, we will submit it to the SBA for their review. If your PPP loan was funded prior to December 31, 2020 you will receive an email from us when this step has been completed. If your PPP loan was funded after January 1, 2021 you can check the status of your forgiveness application by logging into the Atlas StreetShares portal.
  4. Questions from SBA. If SBA has questions during their review, we will advise you of those and any next steps.

Resources to assist you

Please visit the Knowledge Center to find answers to commonly asked questions and other resources to help you with your forgiveness application.

Payroll Protection Loan Forgiveness FAQs

If you need assistance in accessing the portal or have any questions, please contact your banker.

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